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Each publisher able to add their own postback in the platform. The page to add postback is accessible in “Postback” under “Account” menu.

Purpose of the postback is for publisher who would like to gather and send conversions data from Oneklix platform to their own platform

Within the global postback page, publisher can add their Postback URL. List of tokens are available and can be added according to what information that the publisher would prefer to pass. If publisher would want to pass own tracking parameters, tokens {p1}, {p2}, {p3} and {p4} are available to be used but they have to make sure the tokens are assigned when they generate tracking link from Offer page

After implemented the postback and added tokens, publisher can test it to make sure the postback is successfully implemented and data can be sent. Click on test button and you will get a notification prompt on top right of page. Publishers should be able to receive all conversions data from Oneklix to their own platform from now on.

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