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How to Install Pixel Code

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There is no special instruction for that because it’s simple pixel installation

You just need to add on your “thank you page” and add several dynamic parameters:
<img src=””>

where is
adid – your unique offer in in platform

sale_amount – amount of purchase made from our traffic

currency – currency of amount in 3 symbol currency code (for e.g. MYR Malaysian Ringgit)

If you separate payout for publishers by categories you should send us specific marker where we can detect which category of payout it applies.

<img src=””>

sub1=fashion – here we understand that is specific payout for “fashion” category and our system applies payout for the category accordingly.

In sale amount you need to put exact amount of the purchase made.
As long as it’s pixel no need to add anything specific into tracking link (except your personal marks for e.g. UTM for Google analytics). Each user that comes with our traffic from our tracking links all the information will be stored in browser cookies which ones we can read in the pixel if conversion from the user occurs.

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