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Billing Profile for Publisher

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Each publisher should have a billing profile because without a billing profile, a publisher will not be able to withdraw from their account

In order to create a billing profile, click on “Billing profiles” submenu under “Billing”.

There are two sections of the form. The first form is profile with Paypal account detail and the details that have to be entered are like Profile Type, Email,Phone Number, Paypal ID.

The second form is profile with Bank account detail and the details are Beneficiary name, Beneficiary address, Beneficiary Bank name, Tax Registration No, Beneficiary account number, Beneficiary account currency, IBAN number, Swift code, Email, Bank Correspondent Name, Bank Correspondent address, Account number and SWIFT code.

Fill in all details inside the Billing profiles form and click on “Send for approval” button. Management team will need to approve publisher’s profile before withdrawal can be made. Make sure all details are correct.

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