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Fill in all the details

Add to announcement

New offer

Pixel content

Tags- tick if you choose container implementation

Enable social popup

Choose status- offer status



Choose type

Choose visibility- you may choose active, private or need approval

                                                                       active private need approval

Choose devices- mobile, desktop or all

                                  all mobile desktop

Choose category- choose the category based of your website businesses

                                                                       Ecommerce Travel Mobile Apps Finance Gambling Bitcoin Forex Sweepstakes Subscription Telco Games Dating Business Nutra Startups

Add logo- you may add your company logo

Advertiser- choose the advertiser which you have created earlier


– a simple title of your offer


Description of your company, website or offer


Amount to be paid to Publisher

Short payout

– short description of the range of payout. e.g. 2% to 5%

Website url

– Main page URL

Offer url

– specific URL for tracking

Available tokens



– Geography of your offer

Hold period- Time frames for sales validation/ payment period to affiliates

Cookie life time- set the cookie total time length in client’s browser

Additional info if you want to share additional materials


Landing pages


XML/CSV feed


Choose type

Cost per action

Cost per sale

Cost per install

Revenue amount

USD- Full commission amount from sale amount

Payout amount (publisher profit)

USD-Amount to be paid to Publisher

Geo coverage

– set the geo for specific country, countries that are not in the list cannot open the link. 

Traffic restrictions- set allow and disallow traffic

Landing page- If you have specific page in your website that you want to promote, you can add it here. When the Publishers generate the tracking link, they can choose the specific landing page you added, instead of just the main page.

Geo redirect- If you want the link to be redirect to certain offer/link if client to access from countries that are not listed

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